Do you notice some areas of your Northern California home have inconsistent temperatures? Have you tried adjusting your home’s thermostat only to see no improvements at all? If so, then you may benefit from a home zoning system from the professionals at Peter Levi Plumbing, Heating and Cooling.

How Does Home Zoning Work?

We often hear customers complain about some areas of their home being comfortable, while other areas are too hot or too cool. Our answer is often this: It’s because the home lacks zoning!

In a home without zoning, one thermostat is responsible for heating and cooling your entire home. This can lead to many comfort issues and make it hard to achieve even, comfortable temperatures – especially if you live in a home with many many stories and lots of windows.

However, with a zone control system, you can enjoy comfortable temperatures in occupied rooms while investing no energy in the areas of your home that are unoccupied.

Home Zoning

Home Zoning Systems You Can Count on in Northern California

Our team of experts are happy to help you decide if a home zoning system is right for you. To start, there are a few things you can look for to help make the decision easier. For example, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you live in a home with more than one level?
  • Do you have large glass windows or large open areas?
  • Are there furnished rooms in the basement or attic? 
  • Is there a concrete slab as your home’s foundation? 

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then you could benefit from a home zoning system! 

Benefits of Using a Home Zoning System:

  • Comfort and Climate Control

Home zoning segments your house into a desired number of “zones” which can be independently controlled by you. Choose which areas, or zones, you want heated or cooled and at what temperature you want them at. 

  • Savings on Energy Costs

You’re lowering your energy usage by only heating or cooling occupied zones, which means you’re spending less money on heating and cooling costs.

  • Lower Energy Consumption

Because you’re only heating or cooling certain zones, you’re not wasting energy heating or cooling your entire home. This lowers your energy consumption, as well as your family’s overall carbon footprint. 

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At Peter Levi, your comfort is our top priority. If you feel that you and your family could benefit from a home zoning system, look no further – we are here to help! Contact us today to schedule your appointment and see if home zoning is a right solution for you.