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We have over 35 years of experience unclogging your most stubborn drains.

If you need drain cleaning near you in Novato, Vacaville, or the surrounding Northern California area, leave it to Peter Levi Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Drains to provide long-lasting professional drain cleaning solutions you can count on.

Signs You Need Drain Cleaning:

If you suspect your drains may need to be cleaned, most likely they do. As you try to keep your drains in the best shape possible, review the main signs you need professional drain cleaning services below:

  • Slow Draining
  • Gurgling or Bubbling Sounds
  • Water Backups
  • Foul Odors Coming From Your Pipes
  • Frequent Drain Treatments Are Needed

Professional Drain Cleaning and Repair Service in Northern California

With our professional drain cleaning and repair service in Vacaville or Novato, you can let all your plumbing problems drain away – for good! A clogged drain can really slow you down and cause quite the inconvenience. Most of the time, homeowners rush out to pick up a bottle of store-bought chemical cleaner when they first notice a drain clog. While this may do the trick, for now, drain cleaners are a temporary solution to a much bigger problem. That’s where Peter Levi Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Drains comes in.

Our Drain Cleaning and Repair Services:

If you need professional drain cleaning solutions near you in Northern California, our Novato and Vacaville plumbers can help. Our selection of drain cleaning services include:

  • Drain and Sewer Cleaning
  • Drain and Sewer Repair
  • Tree Root Intrusion Removal

Does water back up in the bathtub or sink when you’re doing laundry or flushing the toilet? If so, then chances are you are looking at a main line clog. There are many different things that can lead to your drains getting clogged, but like with anything, different problems call for different techniques and solutions. As a result, our Vacaville and Novato plumbers are trained to find the source of a drain issue and solve it with one of our professional drain cleaning solutions.

Common Causes of Drain Clogs:

  • Hair
  • Food
  • Oils
  • Roots
  • Erosion
  • Ground Settling
  • Foreign Objects
  • Drainpipe Collapse
  • Misaligned Drainpipe Selection
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Whether you need your drains cleaned or repaired in Novato or Vacaville, leave it to Peter Levi to have the right solution to get your drains working like new again. Whenever you're looking for drain cleaning services near you in Vacaville, Novato, or the surrounding Northern California area, schedule an appointment with us today. We are here for all your drain and sewer needs!

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