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Annual heating maintenance is critical to the performance of your furnace.

While you may not be able to completely prevent heating system breakdowns or malfunctions, you can help avoid them while also saving money, improving comfort and maintaining your manufacturer’s warranty with professional maintenance from Peter Levi Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Drains. Whenever you're looking for a heating tune-up near you in Novato or Vacaville, turn to our professionals.

What To Expect From Peter Levi’s Annual Heating Maintenance in Novato and Vacaville

Since mini-split or furnace maintenance is incredibly important for your heating system's performance, we're proud to provide comprehensive Northern California heating maintenance services. If you sign up for our heating maintenance services in Vacaville or Novato, you can expect us to perform the following services:

  • Inspect Your Heating Unit For Any Issues
  • Clean Air Filters
  • Check Thermostat Control 
  • Repair or Replace Any Necessary Parts
  • Red Carpet Treatment (Wear Booties, Cover Work Areas, and Clean The Work Area After The Job is Complete)

Expert Heating Maintenance in Northern California

If you want peace of mind that you’ll be cozy and warm all winter long, we recommend annual heating tune-ups in the fall or early winter. Not only that, but an annual maintenance can increase the lifespan of your heating system and maximize its overall efficiency.

You wouldn’t drive your car 10,000 miles without getting an oil change or go years without seeing a dentist or a doctor. Just like anything we depend on to provide us with a routine service, our HVAC systems are no different. They, too, need a little TLC! Our heating tune-ups in Vacaville and Novato ensure your heating system operates at peak efficiency and isn't suffering from a problem that could spiral out of control.

Contact Peter Levi Plumbing, Heating and Cooling Today For All Your Heating Maintenance Needs!

At Peter Levi Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, we will ensure your heating system operates at its best all year-round with our trusted heating maintenance services in Northern California. Trust us for all your heating maintenance needs. Contact us today for heating maintenance services near you in Novat, Vacaville, or the surrounding areas!

Benefits of Heating Maintenance Services

  1. Prevent Repairs

Up to 70% of heating repairs can be prevented with proper annual maintenance. Neglecting to perform regular maintenance services in Northern California can lead to costly repairs, breakdowns, and other unexpected problems.

  1. Improve Safety and Comfort

With regular maintenance, technicians are able to catch small problems before they become serious and costly. A licensed technician will clean, inspect, and lubricate crucial components to ensure safety and comfort all year long. 

  1. Improved Efficiency

Your heating system needs annual maintenance to run efficiently. A technician will thoroughly inspect your system, cleaning and testing various parts to make sure it’s operating at the optimal level.

  1. Longer Life

Annual maintenance can prolong the life of your heating system by up to 10 years! That’s nearly double the lifespan of a neglected heating system.

  1. Save Money

A well-maintained system will operate more efficiently, helping you keep your energy consumption and utility costs down. Systems that are not properly maintained can cause your system to struggle to reach or maintain a comfortable temperature.


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