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Let’s be honest, we’re all guilty of having used Drano or another store-bought drain cleaner! For many homeowners, the first thing they turn to when they encounter a slow or clogged drain is a liquid drain cleaner from the nearest store. They see it as a cheaper, quicker fix than contacting a professional. However, chemical drain cleaners can cause a variety of problems. Keep reading to see why you should always avoid using store-bought chemical cleaners to resolve your drain problems. 

Pipe Corrosion

Drain cleaners can cause both internal and external damage to your home's plumbing. They work by creating a chemical reaction within your drain pipe with the help of hydrochloric acid. Heat is then generated by these reactions, causing cause significant damage to the pipe itself. Pipe corrosion can lead to a burst pipe, which can lead to a serious plumbing emergency, such as a flood.

They Are Toxic

The fumes released from liquid drain cleaners can irritate the eyes, nose, lungs, and throat, causing shortness of breath. Mixing drain cleaners, even accidentally, with other cleaning products can result in deadly gasses!

You’re Flushing Money Down The Drain 

Drain cleaners are not guaranteed to be effective. Depending on the cause of your clog, drain cleaner may not have any effect at all. Sometimes, drain cleaners can clear a clog temporarily, but they end up reappearing. That’s because liquid drain cleaner won’t address more serious underlying issues, like broken pipes or a sewer line that isn’t working properly. You can easily end up wasting your time and money by using store-bought drain cleaners. 

While chemical drain cleaners seem like an easy, quick fix they can cost you your time, money, and overall well-being! Whether you are dealing with a minor or major drain clog it is best to let the professionals TAKE CARE OF IT. Put down the DRANO and give our Peter Levi team a call today at (855) 433-6800. We are always here to help! 

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