Top 3 Benefits Of Using A Home Zoning System

Do you feel that some areas of your home are comfortable, while others are too hot or too cold in some places? Usually this is due to a lack of home zoning! In a house that doesn't have zoning, one thermostat is responsible for heating and cooling your entire house. This makes achieving even, comfortable temperatures difficult - especially if your home is several stories and has lots of windows.

With a home zoning system, you can enjoy comfortable temperatures throughout your entire house. Here are the top 3 benefits of using a home zoning system.

1. Comfort and Climate Control

When you have home zoning, you can section off parts of your house into a desired number of "zones" which you can independently control. Choose which areas, or zones, you want heated or cooled and at what temperature you want them at. This part is great for families that can't agree on an ideal temperature! While 75 degrees may feel ideal for some, there are people who prefer a cooler environment. With the flexibility of home zoning, you can change the bedroom to one temperature and the family room to another.

2. Energy Savings

You're lowering your energy usage by only heating or cooling occupied zones, which means you're spending less money on heating and cooling costs. Not only that, but you can turn the air up or down as you wish to make each room, or "zone" comfortable. You will also begin to see an increase in your home's overall energy efficiency. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the average savings you can see in your energy bills from having a home zoning system is around 30%. Considering heating and cooling makes up more than 40% of a home's total utility costs, a zoned system can really save a lot of money in the long run!

3. Lower Energy Consumption

Because you're only heating and cooling certain zones in your house, you're not wasting energy heating and cooling your entire home when you have a zoned system. In a home without zoning, you may find that you're wasting a lot of energy heating and cooling rooms that you never use. However, with a zoned system, you won't have to worry about heating and cooling rooms that you're not using. After all, why waste energy heating or cooling your rarely used guest bedroom all year long? A zoned system lowers your energy consumption, saves you money, and also lowers your family's overall carbon footprint.

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