5 Things A Drain Clog Can Harm That Isn’t Your Pipes

Drain clogs can be a nuisance for homeowners and may seem like there’s no escape. By putting off clearing out your drains,you’re causing more damage to your home than you realize. Clogged drains don’t just affect the flow of your pipes; in fact, it can affect the whole house. Here are five things that a drain clog can harm that aren't your pipes.

1. Your Home’s Foundation

Clogged drains can lead to leakage from busted pipes in your home’s plumbing. If the leak hits your home’s foundation, not only can the foundation get water damage, but it can cause an uneven level under your home. This leads to expensive repairs for your entire house.

2. Health

While it may not seem like it, a clogged drain can severely impact your health. Clogged drains, if left untreated, can aggravate breathing issues such as asthma or allergy. Bacteria growth in pipes can also spread throughout your home, resulting in poor water quality and the potential for water-borne illnesses.

3. Water Quality

Most people can drink bottled water and notice a taste difference between various brands. If your home has a clogged drain, not only is your water quality affected but the taste is altered. Even worse, odors can fester in the pipes and start smelling up your drains.

4. Interior & Exterior

Leakage that continues from busted pipes can reach the interior and exterior features of your home. This includes the walls, flooring, wood, and electrical systems. Water damage can stain your walls and flooring, especially if the structure of your home is primarily wood, and can affect the integrity of your home’s structure paired with foundation damage.

5. Drainage Quality

Finally, clogged drains can affect how well your pipes drain and cycle throughout your home. Poor drainage can cause more backups in other areas of your home, take longer for water to cycle through your home, and create poor water pressure.

Clogged drains don’t just affect your pipes! Your comfort, health, and your home’s integrity  can all be impacted by a clogged drain. While some things can wait, clogs should be removed and treated as soon as possible to avoid larger issues from arising. Ready to solve your clogged drain issues? Peter Levi is ready to take care of you! Give us a call today at (855) 433-6800 to schedule a drain clearing today!

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