Why Is My Home’s Water Discolored? Expert Plumber Insight

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No one wants to turn on their faucet and see a stream of cloudy or brown water. Water is too important to our daily lives to be unusable when it flows into our homes. When we see discolored water, we know there’s a problem, but why, and what can we do to fix it?

Let’s explore a few reasons your water may be tainted and whether there are dangers associated with discoloration. 

Why Is My Water Discolored?

Discolored water is a sure sign of poor water quality, but you’ll need to know why your water is discolored to properly solve the problem. Your water may be discolored for any of the following reasons:

When a water main breaks or the water lines are flushed, the pressure of the water flow changes. The rust, dirt, and sediment built up in the water line is disturbed and picked up by the water entering your home. 

During droughts, fresh surface water comes into contact with sediment at the bottom of the river or stream supplying water. Extreme weather conditions can also cause problems for homeowners that use a private well. Excessive and heavy rains will trigger fluctuations in the water table, and an excess of iron will seep into the water supply, causing discoloration.

The most common reason water discoloration occurs is a broken water pipe or a recently replaced pipe. Rust from the broken pipe slips into the water supply turning it brown. Replacing a pipe can also change the water pressure and loosen deposits from the piping.

How Dangerous Is Discolored Water?

Discolored water is usually not considered dangerous. The issue is usually due to a sediment or iron build-up, and the concentrations are too low to be considered harmful. However, you could potentially ingest bacteria like mold or mildew, which will have an adverse effect on your health. As a result, you may want to wait to drink your home’s water before it’s fixed.

How to Fix Discolored Water?

As soon as you see the discolored stream, you should spring into action and have the issue rectified. The following methods are extremely helpful in solving water discoloration:

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