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UH-OH! Here’s What Happens When You Neglect Your Furnace Maintenance!

It may be tempting to overlook furnace maintenance, especially during the warmer months when it's not in regular use. However, this can be a costly mistake. Neglecting your furnace can lead to several serious problems that not only affect your comfort but also your safety and wallet. In this blog post, we will discuss the dangers of not maintaining your furnace and why it is so important to keep up with regular maintenance and inspections. Read on to learn more about the potential consequences of neglecting your furnace.

Elevated Energy Bills

We all know that energy bills can be expensive, and when it comes to furnace maintenance, neglecting to keep up with it can increase the amount of money you’re spending every month. Not maintaining your furnace means that it’s not running as efficiently as it should be, and this can cause your energy bills to rise significantly. To save money and make sure your furnace is running at its best, be sure to schedule regular maintenance with a professional HVAC technician.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

When it comes to neglecting furnace maintenance, one of the consequences is decreased indoor air quality. Not only can dirty filters trap airborne particles, but an unmaintained system can also lead to a buildup of allergens, mold, mildew, and other pollutants in your home. Poorly maintained furnaces can also cause excessive dust and dirt to circulate through your air ducts, reducing the quality of your home’s air. This can be especially problematic for people with allergies or asthma. Poor air quality can increase respiratory irritation and worsen any existing symptoms you may have. To ensure your family is breathing healthy, clean air, you must regularly maintain your furnace.

Carbon Monoxide Safety

Neglecting furnace maintenance can lead to concerning issues, including an increased risk of carbon monoxide exposure. Carbon monoxide is an odorless and colorless gas that can pose health risks. It may cause symptoms similar to the flu, disorientation, and, in extreme cases, serious harm. When furnaces are not properly maintained, there's a higher chance of carbon monoxide exposure due to potential issues with combustion or ventilation. It's crucial to have a professional inspect your furnace annually to ensure it operates safely and efficiently. Additionally, for added safety, consider installing a carbon monoxide detector in your home to provide early warnings if any harmful gas levels are detected.

Expensive Repairs

If you don't take the time to regularly maintain your furnace, you may be in for some costly surprises down the road. Neglecting to maintain your furnace can lead to breakdowns and the need for expensive repairs. Depending on the issue, the repairs can range from minor fixes to more complex replacements. For instance, if your furnace isn’t getting enough air due to a dirty filter, the repair may just involve replacing the filter. But if the motor has been damaged by a buildup of dirt and dust, you may need a more substantial repair. That's why it's important to stay on top of regular maintenance - it could save you a lot of money in the long run!

Maintaining your furnace is an important part of protecting your home and family. Neglecting regular maintenance can lead to serious consequences like carbon monoxide poisoning, elevated energy bills, poor indoor air quality, and expensive repairs. To ensure that your furnace is working properly and safely, it’s essential to have a professional inspect and service your system regularly. Taking the necessary steps to keep your furnace in good working order can save you time, money, and possibly even your life. Don’t wait—contact a qualified Peter Levi technician today to help keep your furnace in peak condition and don't forget to ask about our current coupons.

6 Ways to Locate Your Sewer Line

If you have big plans for a home renovation project that requires digging on your property or need a sewer line drain cleaning, you’ll want to know where your sewer lines are located. When you know where your sewer line is, you can ensure they aren’t damaged while digging takes place in your yard. Before you move forward with your plans, here are the reasons why sewer lines are important and six ways to locate them.

Why Sewer Lines Are Important

Sewer lines carry waste from the property to an underground sewer disposal system. As time passes, the lines age, becoming decayed and damaged. This results in blockages that cause dirty water and other toxic materials to build up, leading to the system emitting a foul odor and creating an unhealthy environment. Having your sewer lines cleaned regularly will keep the system operating smoothly. 

What Are the Signs You Need Sewer Line Cleaning & Maintenance?

It’s recommended to have the sewer lines inspected every six months, but there are a few signs you might need it before you hit the half-year mark. Review the main signs you need sewer line cleaning and maintenance below:

Regular maintenance will also identify any leaks early, giving you a chance to prevent decay and extend the functionality and life of the system. 

How to Find Your Main Sewer Line

Before you dig up your yard for a renovation or have a sewer line cleaning, you need to locate the main sewer line. In most properties with a basement, garage, or crawl space, the indoor sewer cleanout point can be found in any of those spaces. If it’s not inside the home, it’s likely in the yard.

Access points are typically found near the street or at the property’s foundation outside the home. A sewer access point also usually sticks out of the ground, making it easy to find. If you’re still unable to locate the sewer line, below are a few methods to use to help find the underground system:

1. Contact the City to Locate Your Sewer Line

The area where you live should have a zoning office, which is usually one of the easier ways of finding where the sewer lines are located. Call or visit the office, and they should be able to show you where your home line connects with the city line.

2. Ask Previous Owners Where the Sewer Line is Located

If you exchanged contact information with the previous owners, now’s the time to use it. Call and ask if they ever located the main sewer line. They may be able to save you valuable time.

3. Call 811 for Sewer Line Location

The national “call-before-you-dig” phone number is 811. Call or visit your state 811 center’s website for an approximate location of where the sewer line is buried. 

4. Use Interactive City Maps to Find Your Sewer Line

If you live in an area of the country that provides interactive utility maps for residents, use them. Use the property’s address, and the map will return the location of the main sewer line. 

5. Follow the Pipes to the Main Sewer Line 

All of the drains lead to one main pipe. Find a drainpipe, like the toilet or sink line, and follow it to a larger pipe. Continue the journey by following the larger pipe until it leaves the property. After you find this pipe, you should have found the sewer line. 

6. Ask a Plumber to Find the Sewer Lines

When you’ve searched the property high and low and still can’t find the main line, there’s still another option waiting in the wings. Call a professional plumber for help. They have the training and experience to quickly find the lines. Additionally, it’s often best to hire qualified plumbers to handle any sewer line repairs that require digging, as they’re trained to avoid all the lines or pipes running underneath your yard. 

Choose Sewer Line Services Services in Novato and Vacaville

If you’re looking for sewer line services near you in Novato, Vacaville, or the surrounding areas, turn to Peter Levi. Whenever you need sewer line cleanings, repairs, or replacement services, our team can safely locate your sewer lines and avoid them while providing any of our sewer line services. Even better, we offer trenchless sewer line repair and replacement options that allow us to fix your sewer lines without digging up your yard. You can also review our coupons to ensure you get a great deal that fits your budget.

Learn more about our sewer line repair and maintenance services today. If you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment, please fill out our online form or call us at 800-605-5713.

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