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Whether you’re a homeowner of a brand new build, fixer-upper, or anything in between you will most likely face a drain clog in your home. With any home service issue you face you will most likely have a few questions before diving into fixing the problem. Our Peter Levi Plumbers are EXPERTS when it comes to your plumbing and drain needs, and we’re happy to answer any questions our customers have. Let our team dive into some of the most common questions we receive about drain clogs so you can determine what your next steps are. 

How Often Should I Schedule A Drain Clearing?

Every 18-22 Months

While many of the systems around your home require regularly scheduled inspections and cleaning, like your A/C or furnace, your drains are significantly lower maintenance. However, that doesn’t mean it’s okay to leave it alone for years on end. When it comes to cleaning your drains, you want to do it often enough to prevent clogs from forming. We find drain clearings are most effective when performed once every 18 to 22 months.

Are Drains Clogs Typically A Minor Issue?

Not Always

We’d like to be able to tell you that all drain clogs are minor, but that’s simply not the case. Yes, some drain clogs are minor and can be fixed with a plunger or hand-cranked snake. While some can also indicate more serious problems lurking down in the drainage system, such as a broken or clogged sewer pipeline, root infiltration in the sewer line, or blocked drain vents. If these larger issues aren’t dealt with ASAP, clogs could soon be in every household drain and sewage may start to flood into the lower parts of your home house.

I Don’t Put Anything Bad Down My Drains. Why Am I Still Experiencing Clogs? 

They’re inevitable!

First things first, thank you for being a proactive homeowner! Making sure food scraps don’t  make theirs way down your drain and using drain covers are great ways to prevent future drain clogs. If clogs are still happening, please remember that you can’t stop all food waste from going down the drain. Eventually, drains are going to clog up, and this is one of the reasons routine drain cleanings are so helpful! Clogs can also be caused by things other than food waste like hard water deposits, soap scum, & hair.

Should I Use Store-Bought Drain Cleaner To Unclog My Drain?


The simple answer: NO! Any plumbing professional would tell you to avoid using store-bought drain cleaners, like Drano. Why? Store-bought cleaners aren’t very effective, since they only open a small hole through the drainpipe obstruction without actually cleaning anything, letting the clog come right back. They can also cause MORE damage to your drain pipes due to their acidic elements. This will end up causing you more money in the long run by creating a more severe problem than just a clogged drain! 

We hope that through answering some of these common drain clog questions we have helped you make a decision on what your next step is! Whether you are dealing with a minor or major drain clog it is best to let the professional TAKE CARE OF IT. If you have any further questions or believe you are dealing with a clogged drain, our Peter Levi team is here to help. Give us a call today at (855) 433-6800!

Let’s be honest, we’re all guilty of having used Drano or another store-bought drain cleaner! For many homeowners, the first thing they turn to when they encounter a slow or clogged drain is a liquid drain cleaner from the nearest store. They see it as a cheaper, quicker fix than contacting a professional. However, chemical drain cleaners can cause a variety of problems. Keep reading to see why you should always avoid using store-bought chemical cleaners to resolve your drain problems. 

Pipe Corrosion

Drain cleaners can cause both internal and external damage to your home's plumbing. They work by creating a chemical reaction within your drain pipe with the help of hydrochloric acid. Heat is then generated by these reactions, causing cause significant damage to the pipe itself. Pipe corrosion can lead to a burst pipe, which can lead to a serious plumbing emergency, such as a flood.

They Are Toxic

The fumes released from liquid drain cleaners can irritate the eyes, nose, lungs, and throat, causing shortness of breath. Mixing drain cleaners, even accidentally, with other cleaning products can result in deadly gasses!

You’re Flushing Money Down The Drain 

Drain cleaners are not guaranteed to be effective. Depending on the cause of your clog, drain cleaner may not have any effect at all. Sometimes, drain cleaners can clear a clog temporarily, but they end up reappearing. That’s because liquid drain cleaner won’t address more serious underlying issues, like broken pipes or a sewer line that isn’t working properly. You can easily end up wasting your time and money by using store-bought drain cleaners. 

While chemical drain cleaners seem like an easy, quick fix they can cost you your time, money, and overall well-being! Whether you are dealing with a minor or major drain clog it is best to let the professionals TAKE CARE OF IT. Put down the DRANO and give our Peter Levi team a call today at (855) 433-6800. We are always here to help! 

Winter is coming... is your HVAC system ready? The last thing you want is to find out there's a problem with your system when the weather begins to cool down and you need your furnace the most.  Luckily, there are ways you can make sure your HVAC system is ready for winter so you can enjoy peace of mind and comfort all season long.

1. Change Your Air Filters

Air filters should be changed every 1-3 months to ensure your HVAC system is working efficiently. When your air filters are dirty and clogged with pollutants, your HVAC system has to work harder to pull air through. This added stress can increase your utility bills, cause system breakdowns, and lead to poor indoor air quality. Before winter arrives, change out your air filters and remember to do so every few months.

2. Test Your Furnace Before Winter Arrives

Before winter arrives, turn your furnace on a few times and let it run for a while. This will allow you to see if there are any problems that need to be addressed. If you notice anything strange, like loud noises, bad odors, no heat, or weak airflow, then schedule an appointment with your local HVAC technician right away. You should also check your thermostat and make sure that it shows your home is heating up. If it doesn't, then this could indicate a problem with your thermostat. The last thing you want to deal with is a furnace breakdown in the middle of a cold spell, so make sure to address any concerns now.

3. Get A Smart Thermostat

Get smart by getting a smart thermostat! This will allow you to stay comfortable while also saving energy this winter. If you purchase a smart thermostat with Wi-Fi connectivity and a phone app, then you will be able to track and control your temperature and energy consumption at all times - whether you're home or away. A smart thermostat will allow you the ability to turn the heat down while you're gone for the day, but kick it on right before you get home so you're not walking into an igloo!

4. Inspect Your Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide is also known as the "silent killer" because it's odorless and invisible. That's why it's so important for every home to have carbon monoxide detectors. Any furnace that burns fuel produces carbon monoxide as a byproduct. In fact, the number one cause of carbon monoxide leaks is a failed or a leaking heat exchanger. When it comes to your HVAC unit, make sure you're cleaning your heat exchanger and that it's working properly. Have a professional check for any cracks or leaks during your annual inspection. You should also make sure your carbon monoxide detectors are all working properly.

5. Schedule HVAC Maintenance

One of the best ways you can prepare your HVAC unit for winter is to schedule maintenance. It's recommended you schedule maintenance bi-annually (once for your AC unit in the early spring, and once for your furnace in the early fall). This will help you catch issues early enough to avoid breakdowns or malfunctions this winter. Not only that, but maintenance can help prolong the life of your unit and also help you save on energy costs.

Contact The Pros At Peter Levi Today! We Are Here For All Your HVAC System Needs In Northern California.

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When enjoying quality time with friends and family this Thanksgiving, the last thing you want to deal with are plumbing troubles. Luckily, there are preventative measures you can take to avoid a plumbing emergency this holiday. Here are the top 5 tips every homeowner should know before hosting guests!

1. Be Careful What You Put Down The Drain

When cleaning up after Thanksgiving dinner, you may find it to be easier to just dump the leftovers in the sink and let the garbage disposal take care of it. However, some things just don't belong down the drain. To prevent clogging and overwhelming your plumbing system, you should throw all leftovers in the trash bin. The following items should not be put down the drain:

2. Come Up With A Shower Schedule

Your water heater will surely be overwhelmed this time of year if you plan to host overnight guests. That's why it's a good idea to come up with a shower schedule and space them out a bit. Ask guests to wait 10-15 minutes between each shower. This will allow hair and soap enough time to disperse so you don't have to deal with clogged pipes, and your tank enough to refill with hot water, so your guests don't have to step foot in an ice cold shower.

3. Prepare Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is going to see a lot more holiday foot traffic than usual if you plan to host family and friends. That being said, make sure it's prepared! First, equip your bathroom with all the necessities: toilet paper, soap, towels, and a plunger. Then, consider hiding any "flushable" wipes. Even though flushable wipes are considered "flushable", they can wreak havoc on your plumbing because they don't disintegrate as well as toilet paper. It's probably best you don't have guests using them, as it could lead to clogs in your pipes. Also, make sure your guests know what is flushable and what is not. To put it simply, only two things belong in the toilet: toilet paper and waste. Anything else should be thrown away in the garbage.

4. Address Plumbing Issues Before Guests Arrive

Is there a leak you've put off fixing? Do you have water backing up in your shower or sink? Does your toilet make strange noises, even when not in use? Whatever the plumbing issue may be, it's a good idea to take care of them before hosting Thanksgiving. This way, you can be sure you won't have to deal with any plumbing issues over the holiday.

5. Dispose Of Cooking Grease Properly

We talked a bit about tossing leftovers into the sink, but we feel that grease needs to be discussed further. Many homeowners think that because grease is a liquid, it's fine to put down the sink. However, this is far from the truth. In fact, grease will solidify once it cools and this can block your pipes. It's best to let grease cool and solidify and then toss it into the trash can instead of pouring it down your drains.

Avoid A Plumbing Emergency This Thanksgiving And Contact The Pros At Peter Levi Today! We Are Here For All Your Plumbing Needs In Northern California.

For over 35 years, Peter Levi has been providing fast, professional plumbing services you can count on. The experts at Peter Levi are here to help with all your plumbing needs. Contact us today at 800-868-6885 or online here.

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