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Best Ways To Prepare Your HVAC Unit For Fall: A Homeowner's Guide

The leaves are going to start falling soon - and fall will be here before you know it. As the weather cools down and you kick on your furnace for the first time since winter, it's important to make sure your HVAC unit is ready. Here are the best ways to prepare your HVAC unit for fall.

1. Clean Your Outdoor Unit

The beautiful, colorful leaves falling during this time of year might be pretty - but it can be hazardous to your HVAC unit. Items like leaves, twigs, branches, and other debris can get lodged into your outdoor unit and cause blockages. Not only can this obstruct air flow, but it can also be a fire hazard. Keep your outdoor unit clean and free of any debris this fall by making sure it is well-maintained.

2. Change Your Air Filter

The seasons aren't the only thing changing. Your air filter should also be changing! It’s important to remember to change your air filters every 1-3 months to keep your indoor air quality healthy and your HVAC system running smoothly and efficiently.

3. Adjust Your Thermostat

This time of year is when the weather starts to change, and evenings cool down a bit. The same settings you had on your thermostat for July and August aren’t the same settings that might be comfortable for you now. Set the temperatures to comfortable settings for you and your family this fall and winter.

4. Schedule A Maintenance

Now is the time to get your furnace ready for the cooler months ahead. A professional tune-up will help make sure your unit is clean and running at peak performance. The last thing you want is to have your furnace break down in the middle of winter.

5. Check For Air Leaks

Air leaks in your ductwork, windows, or doors mean that your HVAC system won't work as efficiently as it could. If you start to notice drafts throughout your home, then this is a sign you have air leaks. Seal all of your windows and doors with caulking and weather-stripping.

6. Ensure All Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Detectors Are Working

Carbon monoxide can be a huge problem if your furnace develops any cracks in the heat exchanger, so you want to have detectors to alert you of this possibility in case it happens. Smoke alarms on the other hand play an important role in reducing fire deaths and injuries. Stay safe this fall and winter, and make sure all alarms and detectors in your home are working properly, have fresh batteries, and are doing their job to keep you safe and alert in the event of an emergency.

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September is Baby Safety Month, so what better time to highlight some important safety tips. Kitchens and bathrooms can both be pretty dangerous places for babies and children to hang out. While parents want to make sure they're always watching their young one, we all know curious little ones can be stealthy and quick. Sometimes, we can't watch their every move - but we can babyproof areas of the home that are concerning! Here are some of the best ways to babyproof your bathroom and kitchen plumbing so you can make sure you're keeping your young ones safe.

How To Babyproof Your Bathroom Plumbing

First, let's cover some ways you can best babyproof your bathroom.

1. Install A Toilet Seat Lock

Babies and toddlers love throwing random objects down the toilet and watching it splash as it sinks to the bottom. Not only can toilets be a fun play area for kids, but it can also be a dangerous one. Toilet lids can collapse on their fingers, or they could drown if they end up accidentally falling into the toilet. Investing in a toilet seat lock will help you avoid an emergency call to the plumber - and to the doctor!

2. Get A Non-Slip Bath Mat

Bath tub accidents can be scary, and they're not uncommon - even if your young one is just standing! Putting a non-slip mat at the bottom of your tub will help make sure your toddler won't slip when they're in the tub.

3. Install A Doorknob Cover

One of the best ways to babyproof your bathroom is to install a doorknob cover or a latch that can only be turned and opened by an adult.

4. Remove Hazardous Items

We all have cleaning supplies and chemicals under our sink. Make sure to remove those items when your kid gets old enough to open drawers on their own.

5. Cover Your Faucets

Cover faucets with burn-prevention devices. There's nothing scarier than your child turning on the faucet and getting burnt by scolding hot water!

How To Babyproof Your Kitchen Plumbing

There are also some ways you can babyproof your kitchen, including:

1. Install Anti-Scald Devices

As we mentioned above with babyproofing your bathroom, the same holds true for kitchens. Add an anti-scald device so you don't have to worry about potential burns from scalding hot water.

2. Put Locks On All Cabinets

To prevent your little one from messing with the kitchen pipes, the garbage disposal, and cleaning products, install locks on all cabinets so they can't be opened - no matter how hard they try.

3. Install Drain Covers

Drain covers aren't only great for preventing clogs from food, they're also great for preventing clogs from toys and other foreign objects your young one might throw down there. Not only that, but they also prevent your child from sticking their hands down the drain. This can be dangerous - even if your garbage disposal isn't turned on.

4. Get Stove Knob Covers

If your toddler is at that age where they're beginning to climb up on things, consider getting stove knob covers that prevent them from turning on the burners.

5. Keep Things Cleaned

If you have a plumbing leak, or notice any spills, make sure you clean it right away. They can be a slipping hazard for your little baby or toddler.

Contact The Pros At Peter Levi Today! We Are Here For All Your Bathroom and Kitchen Plumbing Needs In Northern California.

For over 35 years, Peter Levi has been providing fast, professional plumbing services you can count on. The experts at Peter Levi are here to help with all your bathroom and kitchen plumbing needs. Contact us today at 800-868-6885 or online here.

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